API Documentation

Our API is the fastest and simplest way to get important data and statistics of Apps on Steem.

Access to our API is free, however, if it's being used for projects, please credit us as data provider.

Global Apps Data API

GET https://steemapps.com/api/global

Function: Returns an object which includes summerized data of all apps, sbd_dollar_price & steem_dollar_price

Apps API

GET https://steemapps.com/api/apps

Function: Returns an array of apps


  • name (optional) type: string Example: smartsteem
  • app_type (optional) type: string Valid: app, dapp, interface
  • category (optional) type: string
  • approved (optional) type: boolean Description: If the app has been reviewed and approved by team after submit/change
  • sort (optional) type: string Valid: rank, dau, tx, volume_sbd, volume_steem, rewards_sbd, rewards_steem
  • order (optional) type: string Valid: asc, desc
  • time (optional) type: string Valid: last_day, last_week, last_month

Data API

GET https://steemapps.com/api/data

Function: Returns an array of data, consisting of objects { app, account, data_type, data }


  • app (required) type: string Example: smartsteem
  • account (optional) type: string Example: smartsteem
  • data_type (optional) type: string Valid: dau_total, dau_transfers, dau_meta, dau_custom, dau_benefactor, dau_transfers_outgoing, dau_transfers_incoming, tx_meta, tx_custom, tx_transfers_sbd, tx_transfers_steem, volume_transfers_sbd, volume_transfers_steem, volume_meta, rewards_benefactor_sbd, rewards_benefactor_steem, rewards_benefactor_vests, rewards_curation