BUZZi is a reward based user generated content (UGC) to commerce platform allowing creators to share their product experiences and consumers to purchase products from user generated content. Key features of BUZZi: Earn Rewards BUZZi wants to reward you for the content you create in our community. The more engagement you receive on your posts, the more you receive in rewards. Since UGC commerce is an integral part of our service, we will also reward creators for any product sales generated from their post. Share Product Experiences Community members provide honest reviews to help other members find the right product for them. Discover New Products Find the most trusted and valuable products used by the BUZZi community. Make New Connections Easily connect with community members that have the same interests as you. Follow members to see which products they are using and connect with them to share new moments together.
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Status: Beta

Submitted: Aug 12th, 2019

Last updated: Sep 23rd, 2019

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